General Fund

General Fund

These donations will go towards our General Fund which allows us to utilize the funds in the areas of greatest need. Thank you for supporting the mission of Deaf Pathway Global and please continue to pray that EVERY Deaf individual in the world will have access to the Gospel passages and stories in their heart language.

You can make tribute gifts in honor or memory of special individuals in your life. Once you get to the payment page, there will be a text box to fill in this optional information.

We're so grateful you have considered partnering with us in the mission to eradicate scripture poverty among the Deaf People groups throughout the world.

The language of the Deaf, worldwide, is Sign Language. There are at least 300 sign languages around the globe. Tragically, to date, no Bible exists in the natural language of Deaf People groups. We want to change that!

We are a Sign Language Bible Translation Organization, working in partnership with the IMB and others on the mission field, to ensure that every Deaf People group has a minimum of 300 Bible Stories in their NATURAL SIGN LANGUAGE.

How you can help specifically:

A gift of $1,500 enables a Deaf Bible translator to complete the translation of four Bible stories into the heart language of his or her Deaf people group.

A gift of $5,000 will enable the development of a Bible app feature unique to a specific Deaf language group, thus creating a pathway through which the Deaf can receive God's Word via videos in their sign language.

A gift of $25,000 enables the creation of a Translation Package which includes videos and visuals of selected Bible story. This resource provides translation help for 300 Deaf people groups.